Choose for a standard set-up package Tina 2M (stacking on pallet with a manual pallet change) for fast deployment in your production. An 'even' higher speed in your production? Then choose Tina 1A or install a cobot for a flexible deployment and cooperation with your production staff.

Automatic product stacking on pallet

Stapel automatisch uw product op een pallet

Palletiser Tina 2M

Entry-level with manual pallet change

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Palletiser Tina 1A

Fully automatic with automatic pallet change

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Components for a customized building kit

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Palletiser Cobojob

Stand-alone cobot stacker

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Palletization is the logistics process consisting of placing goods together on top of a pallet to consolidate the load, making it easier for the handling equipment to transport it. Palletisers are responsible for the automatic stacking and destacking of packaged products on a pallet. We use a gripper to grab your product (e.g. boxes, bags, crates, buckets, jerrycans, etc.) safely and carefully.

Automatic palletizing can be an addition to our casepacker


• Automatic stacking in various patterns
• Savings on working time and actions
• Careful handling of boxes and bags
• Simple machine operation
• Ergonomic works
• Stable stacking (good transport)

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