In addition to the Cobot, we now also have our own box stacker 'Tina Box', a palletiser for boxes and the 'Tina Bag', a palletiser for bags, designed and developed within Alphatech.

Palletization is the logistics process consisting of placing goods together on top of a pallet to consolidate the load, making it easier for the handling equipment to transport it. Palletisers are responsible for the automatic stacking and destacking of packaged products on a pallet. We use a vacuum system to grip boxes and bags safely and carefully.

By custom palletising, we make the processing process fast and efficient, without extra actions by your employees. In addition, stacking in a pattern makes the pallet extra stable for transport. The palletisers are equipped with customizable software that does not require reprogramming and remote support is also possible here.

Automatic palletizing can be an addition to our casepacker.

For efficient processing and stable transportation.


• Automatic stacking in various patterns
• Savings on working time and actions
• Careful handling of boxes and bags
• Simple machine operation
• Ergonomic works
• Stable stacking (good transport)