Casepacker Packman

Casepacker Packman: Box erector - Box filler - Box sealer. The ideal packing machine.

Our case packer Packman SETS UP the boxes correctly, FILLS the boxes with the chosen product and SEALS the box nicely. Casepacker Packman can be used as a 'stand alone' packaging machine, but can also be combined with our palletiser.

The machine is built from a welded steel construction. All movements are realized with linear technique. The drives are equipped with servo motors, servo reducers, racks and pinions, alternating with toothed belts and toothed belt wheels. Correct dimensioning of all parts ensures maintenance-free operation.

Packman is assembled in 1 piece. Transport, installation and start-up take place in 1 smooth movement, so that your production process is not disrupted. Transport of products and boxes can also be arranged by Alphatech.

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• Very compact
• Quickly deployable
• Unique carton filling system
• Large control panel
• Connect to the machine remotely

• 1 bag per second
• 5 boxes per minute
• 5 minutes changeover time per recipe
• Up to 5 kg per bag
• Box size: max 580 mm x 260 mm x 440 mm
• Bag size: max 570 mm x 250 mm

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Casepacker Packman
Casepacker Packman - Dichtkleven dozen
Casepacker Packman
Casepacker Packman
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