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Personal approach, professional execution

Alphatech, that's 3 generations of know-how, technical experience and wisdom passed on from father to son. You enjoy the personal and flexible approach of a family business, combined with the thorough knowledge of an experienced technical team.

Our employees are all experts in the most diverse and innovative techniques. From the drawing board to the placement at your location, you can count on a team that thinks along and cooperates with you. Based on your briefing, our draftsmen get to work. They provide the impetus for creative and technical interaction between all parties involved. The end goal? A unique, fully customized machine that meets all your requirements and expectations!

Inexhaustible ideas, indestructible quality

Making machines is our profession. For all possible sectors and for all possible applications. From the textile to the wood industry, from amusement parks to the graphics world, from animal feed companies to aluminum processors…

Such an all-round approach requires not only the necessary dose of creativity and technical experience, but also a building with all facilities and a machine park with unlimited possibilities, equipped with the most modern techniques. In addition, we only use high-quality materials for the production of all pieces.

Our ideas, our infrastructure and our employees guarantee indestructible quality. And you have a machine for life!

You can rely on us for:

  • Preventive maintenance and maintenance plan
  • Assembly of new machines
  • Demolition of old production lines
  • Technical repairs
  • Technical improvements
  • Customized machine design and manufacture
  • Delivery of specific technical parts
  • Design and manufacture of calibers and moulds

Short history:

1965: Alpatech is founded by Pieter's grandfather and godfather, Eugène Vandersteene. Located in the garage of the parental home, where Eugène had a number of small machines to perform file operations.

1966: Construction and relocation of the company to Diksmuidesteenweg in Sleihage.

1987: Eric, Pieter's father, took over the company. Founder Eugène himself continued to work in the company until 1992 to 1993.

1997: Move to the Prins Albertlaan 65 in Izegem, the location where Alphatech is still located. The new building was built with the possibility of expansion. The passion for technology also remained in the blood of the 3rd generation, because Pieter Vandersteene was also interested in mechanics from an early age. Pieter Vandersteene joined the company when he was 18 years old.

2012: That it was given at the very beginning, it also became clear on 12/12/2012 when Pieter followed in the footsteps of his father Eric. To this day, Pieter is still the business manager at Alphatech machine construction. Although he takes a lot with him from the previous years, he invests heavily in the company and is determined to let a breath of fresh air blow through the company.

Pieter and Eric Vandersteene, current and previous manager

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