Vacuum gripper


The vacuum gripper is used to stack or unstack boxes and/or bags. It is equipped with four suction cups connected to a vacuum generator block. The generator block has a vacuum generator cartridge inside. By sending compressed air through these cartridges, a negative pressure (vacuum) is created.

By using the round openings in the bottom plate, the position of the suction cups is regulated so that there is a possibility to pick up different sizes of boxes.

A detection plate is provided in the middle of the gripper. This ensures that the palletiser stops when a box is released. The detection plate works as follows: if the lower disc is down, it is detected with the sensor that nothing is attached to the gripper. If nothing is detected, it means that the gripper is holding an object.


  • Mechanical detection cross section

  • Cross-sectional view of a block with vacuum generator cartridge


Vacuümgrijper voor dozen


With vacuum cartridge VN10H
With vacuum cartridge VN20H


VN10H = 11,5 kg
VN20H = 13 kg

Dimensions HxWxL:
VN10H = 139x420x420mm
VN20H = 139x420x420mm

Max. capacity: 50 kg (4x132N trekkracht)
Operating temperature: 20 to +60 °C
Operating voltage: 24V DC
Compressed air supply: PUN-H Ø8mm


Suction cups:
Piab S. B65NP50.G12M.00

Vacuum generators:
VN10-H of VN20-H

Multiprox induction sensor BI4-M12-VP6X-H1141