Sheet station


A thin cardboard (interleaving sheet) can be provided between each stacked layer on the pallet. This station is a kind of table on which intermediate sheets are placed. The intermediate sheets are then removed one by one from the table by our palletiser. Usually this table is placed next to the palletiser so that the intermediate sheets are within reach of the robot.

Intermediate sheet station with cardboard sheets

With this construction, it is also possible to attach a roller conveyor under the table for transporting pallets. Also, the unit is manually adjustable to handle different intermediate sheets.

This adjustment is made by a dial that drives a gear that runs on a chain. Turning the gear pushes the chain away and takes an adjustable stop.

The interleaving station is equipped with brushes on the side that stop the interleaving sheets. This prevents multiple interleaves from being taken.


Technische tekening tussenvelstation


PC1200 for euro pallets
(width up to 1000mm)
PC1400 for industrial pallets
(width up to 1200mm)


PC1200 = 175 kg
PC1400 = 190 kg

Dimensions HxWxL:
PC1200 = 2005x1310x1610mm
PC1400 = 2005x1310x1410mm

Max. capacity: ±300 tussenvellen (1000mm beschikbare hoogte)
Operating temperature: -10 to +80 °C


Bosch-Rexroth SNS20 / nauwkeurigheid H / preload C1

Aandrijfketting 05B-1 (42-links)

Ground Mounting:
Adjustable feet Ø80-M16x108

Brush strip in aluminum F-profile 8mm / length 1000mm / hair length 40mm / flexible plastic Ø0.4mm