Product roller conveyor Tina 2M/1A


The roller conveyors are driven by a roller motor so that no useful space is lost by an external motor. The power of this motor is transferred to the other rollers by poly-V belts. The control of the roller motors is provided by a controller. With this controller the speed can also be adjusted. This is done by turning the rotary switch with a screwdriver.

Doos op rollenbaan

Two zones are provided on the roller conveyor, a slow zone and a fast zone. The slow zone serves to build up a buffer of product so that there is product ready at all times. The fast zone delivers the one product to be picked up by the palletiser.

The roller conveyor is also equipped with two electrical cabinets. These contain the following: controllers for roller conveyor, Ewon module (option), 24VDC power supply for roller conveyor and HMI pole, main switch complete machine setup (400VAC+N+PE 30A), Ethernet connection and the supply unit for compressed air. (See Figure 1 en Figure 2)

The communication to and from the PLC is done by Profinet which runs from the KP8F (buttons) to the PLC of the palletiser.

The safety tunnel is provided with side guides that are adjustable according to the width of the box. The metal plate in the tunnel is provided for height adjustment. This is for safety reasons so that nobody can put his/her arm into the machine. There must always be a product under the vertical metal plate. The palletiser will not pick up the product at the pick-up position if there is no product under the metal plate. (see Figure 3)

An adjustable guide is also provided at the end in which reflectors are embedded for the detection of the product. (see Figure 4)

There is also a possibility to place the roller conveyor in different positions, i.e. right, left and central feeding of the product. The side guides must be moved according to the arrangement. (see technical drawing)

The roller conveyor has the plugs built in to transmit the 400VAC and Profinet to the palletiser, as well as 24VDC and Profinet for the HMI pole. The compressed air is also routed to the palletiser in this room. (see Figure 5)

An additional feature is a built-in camera system. The recorder is built into the chassis and records the image for up to two weeks on the 1TB hard drive. (see Figure 6)


  • EWON module
    This module provides remote assistance (secure connection between the machine and production company Alphatech) You can see this secure connection as a firewall where there is full access to the machine via the Ethernet. It also ensures that profinet goes to the HMI and palletizer. (through a switch)
    • VPN connection with remote: Ewon Flexy 205
  • Cameras
    The cameras are built into the roller body and the recorder is hidden under the roller body. The camera system with tilt body has a full HD 1080p, 25fps. The sensor is 1/2.9" CMOS. This camera has a horizontal field of view of 87° and a vertical field of view of 49°. It is extremely compact and very ruggedly built of die-cast aluminum. The camera is suitable up to an operating humidity of 95% and a temperature of -10°C to 50°.
    • A. 4 pallet zone cameras (Comelit pinhole 2MP)
    • B. 1 camera on the safety tunnel (Comelit pinhole 2MP)
    • C. 1 recorder with hard disk 1TB: Comelit Camera recorder AHDVR004S02ASL + hard disk WDSK324A


  • Figure 1 Electric cabinet controllers, Ewon and KP8F

  • Figure 2 Electrical cabinet with 24VDC power supply, main switch and supply unit

  • Figure 4 Lateral guide pick-up position

  • Figure 5 Plugs for connection of palletiser and HMI



Weight: 520 kgs
Dimensions HxWxL: 1063x551x2550mm
Roller height: 50mm
Roller pitch: 75mm
Max. speed: 0.43m/s
Max. capacity: 20 boxes/hour
Max. load capacity: 110kg
Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C
Communication: Digital output PLC
Operating voltage: 24VDC / 50Watt
Control voltage: 24VDC / 0.5A


Drive roller:
Interroll RD-EC5000 length 500mm
Driven roller:
Interroll Series 3500 Ø50mm length 500mm
POLY-V riem P=75 2RIBS
Drivecontrol 2048, 8A
Red light photoelectric sensor with reflector construction size 31x15x50mm
Banner QS18VP6LPQ8
Compressed air supply unit:
Shut-off valve + pressure control MSB6-1/2-C3-N2-WP
Main switch:
63A Eaton P3-63-EA-SVB-N
Cabinet fan:
Rittal SK3237.100 230V
24VDC power supply 20A:
Phoenix TRIO-PS-1AC-24DC-20
Device protection 24VDC:
Phoenix CBM-E4-24DC-0-5-10A-NO-R
Circuit breaker power supply:
Schneider IC60H 16A
Fan power interruption:
Schneider IC60H 4A
Power supply interruption palletiser:
Schneider IC60H 25A
Buttons for controls:
Siemens KP8F
Emergency stop:
Schneider ZBY9320
Ethernet connection:
Schneider XB5PRJ45