Product roller conveyor standard


The roller conveyor is used to transport products such as boxes or bags. The rollers have a load capacity of 110KG and a transport speed of 0.43m/s. The roller height is 50mm, the height can vary according to the arrangement.

The roller conveyors are driven by a roller motor so that no useful space is lost by an external motor. The power of this motor is transferred to the other rollers by means of poly-v belts. The control of the roller motors is provided by a controller. With this controller the speed can also be adjusted. This is done by turning the rotary switch with a screwdriver.

The roller conveyor has 1 zone as standard but can be equipped with multiple zones. In this way a buffer can be built up or the product can just be pulled apart. The electrical cabinet contains the controllers for the roller conveyor and an I/O island. These controllers require 24VDC voltage which must be provided from outside. The I/O island is used to drive all the controllers and to receive signals from the sensors. The communication to and from the PLC is done via Profinet that runs from the I/O island to the PLC of the palletiser.


The roller conveyor can be equipped with the following options:

  • Corner transition
  • Moveable buffer


Standaard rollenbaan


Weight: 180 kg
Dimensions HxWxL: 1004mmx551mmx2273mm
Roller height: 50mm
Roller pitch: 75mm
Max. speed: 0,43m/s
Max. capacity: 20 dozen/uur
Max. load capacity: 110 kg
Operating temperature: 0 to +40 °C
Communication: Digitale output PLC
Operating voltage: 24VDC / 50Watt
Control voltage: 24VDC / 0.5A