Palletiser Tina 1A

Fully automatic with automatic pallet change

Tina 1A componenten


Roller conveyor for boxes (mounting left, center and right of palletizer)
• Roller conveyor
• Safety tunnel

Pallet roller conveyor
• Supply and removal of empty and full pallets
• Modular
• Driven by a motor roller

Palletiser: 4-axis high speed robot on foot
• Rotating base construction
• Up and down moving arm
• Extendable carriage
• Rotating head
• Base of the palletiser allows for pallet feed underneath

  • Universal gripper
    • Universal gripper with adjustable suction pad position according to product
  • Pallet stop for Euro pallets
    • Positioning plate (plate to stop or position the pallet)

• Empty pallet storage
• Fully pneumatic
• Composed of 4 movable units

Station cardboard sheets
• Separate unit as an option
• Can be mounted on top of the destacker (space saving)
• Different sheet sizes possible

Corner pusher
• Pushes the empty pallet from one roller conveyor to the other (automatically)
• Fully pneumatic

Complete fencing according to machine standards


  • Tina 1ALDS (position roller conveyor left)
  • Tina 1AMDS (position roller conveyor middle)
  • Tina 1ARDS (position roller conveyor right)

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Tina 1AMDS
Tina 1AMDS
Tina 1ALDS
Tina 1ALDS
Tina 1ARDS
Tina 1ARDS

The biggest difference between Tina 2M and Tina 1A is the automatic pallet change which ensures even faster production since pallets are now automatically removed and no operator is needed anymore.

The complete installation of this palletiser is made up of industrial standard components. This ensures perfect support in the future. Simple construction ensures quick installation. Tina is built according to the European machine guidelines. All drive components have a safety level “Performance Level D”.


• Compact
• Easy installation
• Quickly deployable
• Can be remotely connected to the machine
• Short switching times thanks to the recipe
• Even higher production by automatic pallet change