The palletiser stacks and destacks products. By placing different grippers, it is possible to lift different products.

All electrical components required to operate the machine are provided in the vertical column.


  • Axis 1: rotation base + axis 4 rotation gripper
    The base moves around its axis through the use of a coronary, this ensures great stability and strength. Base and gripper are equipped with a rotating coupling which allows them to rotate endlessly.
  • Axis 2: vertical movement arm
    The vertical displacement of the arm is done by using a toothed bar toothed wheel drive. Due to the helical toothing on the toothed bar and sprocket, the precision of the movement is guaranteed. The motor is located inside the arm. The guide is equipped with ball rails with ball carriages. Figure 1
  • Axis 3: horizontal movement arm
    The gripper rotation is a combination of a slide bearing with a belt drive. This combination allows the gripper to handle a large moment. This allows a decentralized loading.


Palletiser on foot
The palletizer is mounted on a base so that pallet supply can be done from underneath the palletiser. So here there are no positioning pieces on the side of the palletiser for the pallets.

Palletiser op voet


Figuur 2: Aandrijving as 2 verticaal


Weight: 1135 kg
Dimensions HxWxL: 3015x1000mm
Max capacity:
300 kg max load
20 kg to 15 boxes/minute
Max. load capacity: 110 kg
Operating temperature: -10 to +60°C
Operating voltage: 400VAC+N+PE 30A
Compressed air supply: PUN-H Ø16mm