Pallet roller conveyor


The pallet roller conveyor is used to transport empty or full pallets. They have a load capacity of 1250 kg and a transport speed of 0.22m/s. The roller conveyor has a standard length of 1500mm and they can be placed behind each other as several parts. The width has two variations, for pallets up to 1000mm and for pallets up to 1200mm. The roller height is 125mm, if a higher roller conveyor is desired, the roller conveyors can be placed on a chassis.

Aanvoer paletten The roller conveyors are driven by a roller motor so that no useful space is lost by an external motor. The power of this motor is transmitted to the other rollers by means of drive chains. The roller motors are controlled by a controller.

Different positions are provided on each roller conveyor to mount sensors. In this way, the pallet can be detected at all times.

Communication from and to the PLC is done by profinet. For this purpose, a separate I/O island is provided on the roller conveyor so that, in addition to the operating and control voltage, only one cable is needed.

Each roller conveyor can be equipped with options:

  • End plate
  • Attraction unit
  • Positioning unit
  • Running plates between the rollers
  • Electromagnetic brake


  • Roller conveyor with end plate

  • Roller conveyor with running plates


Technische tekening palletrollenbaan


PC1200 for euro pallets
(width up to 1000mm)
PC1400 for industrial pallets
(width up to1200mm)


PC1200 = 130 kg
PC1400 = 150 kg

Dimensions HxWxL:
PC1200 = 172x1210x1500mm
PC1400 = 172x1410x1500mm

Roller height: 125mm
Roller pitch: 166,74mm
Max. speed: 0,22m/s
Max. capacity: 120 paletten/uur
Max. load capacity: 1250 kg
Operating temperature: -5 to +40 °C
Communication: Profinet
Operating voltage: 400V 3AC / 70Watt
Control voltage: 24V DC / max. 2A


Drive roller:
Interroll DP0089 length 1200mm/1400mm
Double gear 10B-1 Z15 / Internal thread M12

Driven roller:
Interroll Series 3950 Ø89mm length 1200mm/1400mm
Double gear 10B-1 Z15 / Internal thread M12

Chains 10B-1 36 links

Interroll PC6000 3A Siemens ET200eco PN 8DIO/1,3A

Infrared sensor / switching distance 1 to 450mm construction size 31x15x35mm
Banner QS18VP6DQ8
Red light sensor / switching distance 0 to 50mm size 31x15x35mm
Banner QS18VP6FF50Q8