The pallet destacker is suitable for integration into a production line. It takes constantly the lowest pallet on the stack. This pallet will then be transported to the production line. When the bottom pallet is removed, the destacker will destack the next pallet.

In the destacker a stack of pallets is unstacked or stacked one by one. This is done by four separate units placed at the corners of the pallets. These units are placed in a chassis so that this would form a nice whole and no moving parts would be accessible.

Automatische palletaanvoer

The units are made up of a fixed part, over which a moving part on which swivel arms go to lift the pallet. These can rotate through 90° to allow the pallet to be lowered. The up and down movement is provided by two double-acting cylinders placed in tandem. This allows the destacker to move in stages. The rotary movement of the swing arm plates is provided by a rotary cylinder.


  • Single destacker unit


Technische tekening destacker


PC1200 for euro pallets
(width up to 1000mm)
PC1400 for industrial pallets
(width up to 1200mm)


PC1200 = 625 kg
PC1400 = 630 kg

Dimensions HxWxL:
PC1200 = 1880x1475x1580mm
PC1400 = 1880x1675x1580mm

Max. speed: 2m/s
Max. capacity: 12 paletten
Operating temperature: -5 to +50 °C
Operating voltage: 24V DC / 1Watt
Compressed air supply: PUN-H Ø8mm


Bosch-Rexroth SNS25 length 660mm accuracy H / preload C1
Bosch-Rexroth FNS 25 guide carriages

Festo double acting cylinder DSBC Ø63 length 150mm in tandem
Festo rotating cylinder DRVS Ø40 / 90
Festo double acting valve VUVG S18 5/3C with closed center position