Automatic unloading of 40 FT containers with a suction cup system. By unloading boxes row by row, the unloading process is accelerated. Fast, affordable and ergonomically unloading containers.

The installation consists of 4 operations:

  • Discharge station
  • Telescopic roller
  • Conveyor sorting
  • Station stacker

Automatic destacking:

The boxes are unstacked from the container layer by layer. The destacking takes place at a speed of 10 seconds per layer. This time includes the movement of the car.

  • 5000 boxes: 8 boxes per layer x 10 seconds per layer: 3600 seconds = 105 minutes net discharge time

Sort manually:

The boxes are checked by an operator for damage and placed in the correct position for stacking per layer.
The position of the label can be taken into account here. The manual sorting is done at a speed of 1 box per second.
Sending a complete layer to the palletiser takes 2 seconds per layer. With a stacking method of 8 boxes per layer, this gives 10 seconds per layer.
In this case, the time is identical to the destacking.

Automatic palletizing:

The boxes are stacked per layer, 1 layer has 8 boxes. The palettes are stacked at a rate of 9 seconds per layer.
This time includes automatic pallet change. A stacked pallet is delivered every 3 minutes.

  • 35 pallets x 3 minutes per pallet = 105 minutes net stacking time


In this calculation example, destacking, sorting and stacking are exactly attuned to each other.
Net 105 minutes per container. We assume that the discharge time in practice is 120 minutes.
The number of layers is always calculated. The fewer “stack layers” present in the container and on a pallet, the faster all the trades happen.

Would you like to have more information? Have a look at our brochure or contact Pieter Vandersteene.

Pieter Vandersteene
M +32 476 27 09 63

Video setup and operation Deloco for the automatic unloading of containers:

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Positie bij volle container
Positie bij een ontladen container
Deloco met container